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I've been working on this batch since July. I've put quite a lot of work into them, and I'm very proud of the result~


~Credit me if you're going to use any
~No Hotlinking
~Please comment if you're gonna snag any - or even if you're not, comments are wonderful ♥


So Here Is A Riddle To Guess If You Can // Sing The BELLS of NOTRE DAMECollapse )


"A Little Glass Vial?"

I think this is my favorite batch =3

Admittingly, I gave the Graverobber a bit of a hard time xD But we all know I love 'im

[42] Repo! The Genetic Opera

Rules as usual:
~Credit if you use
~No hotlinking
~Comments are awsome =3

I'm The M O N S T E R // I'm The V I L L I A NCollapse )

"It's Not Even That Much Of Your Face!"

I discovered cleolinda's Phantom of the Opera in Fifteen Minutes, and I had to make some icons for it right away. I stayed up till midnight working on these babies xD

All credit for the quotes and the original idea goes to cleolindaand her epic creation. The icons and the designs themselves, however, are totally mine.

Rules as usual~~
~Credit me if you decide to use them
~No hotlinking
~Comments are luv ;D

And go clicky on the link about to read the original Phantom of the Opera in Fifteen Minutes so you get the jokes!


"If You See The Wonder Of A Fairy Tale"

My first batch of icons made from Paint.net! Yay! There aren't a ton (I had to work out how to use the program), but I'm pretty proud of what I did. Especially the Phantom ones. I basically spent all summer on this batch.

*Please credit!*
*No hotlinking*
*Comments are love =3*

[12] Beauty and the Beast
[11] Phantom of the Opera Broadway Current (Summer 2009) Cast: John Cudia, Jennifer Hope Wills, Ryan Silverman
[7] Romeo et Juliette (French 2001 Musical)
[2] Beauty and the Beast Broadway
[1] Beauty and the Beast Banner

Disney 100 Challenge


Credit if you decide to use any of them please!



001 - 050: Themes
051 - 100: Artist's Choice
Whatever Their Pitch You Can Feel Them Bewitch YouCollapse )
I decided I might as well post my first set of icons here. These were made with my trial on Photoshop, but I don't used Photoshop anymore. Even though they're my first, I'm still pretty proud of them =3

The rules are the usual: credit me, no hotlinking, no bases, and all that jazz.

Notre Dame de Paris [30]
Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney) [17]
Romeo et Juliette: La Haine et L'Amour [4]

No One Knows Where My Story B E G I N S....Collapse )
I have a lot of icons for several fandoms in the process, but for now, be entertained with some fabulous Garou icons! =D

Garou [16]

Your Beautiful Eyes F A L L Right Into M I N ECollapse )


"Cause It's All To Make You Crazy For Her"

Hello everyone, and welcome to my brand spankin' new icon shop! =D

The program I use it Paint.net, which is kind've like Photoshop, only with a lot less tools and free (which is why I can make icons in the first place)

Some ground rules:
  • Please credit me if you decide to use my icons
  • No hotlinking. Save the icons on your computer if you're going to use it
  • I do requests, but only for certian fandoms/people. It's hard for me to find/make screencaps for things I've never heard of before. But if you're willing to provide the screencaps, I'll be happy to do it =)
  • Please no flamming my icons. I'm still getting used to my program, and there's really so much I can do with it anyway
I hope you will join and enjoy my future icons! =D